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TmRecorder new release 2.10.0

Update: A lot of news incoming, with new statistics available and others that will be available in the next weeks. The release 2.10 is ready, just some testing on few different PCs before the release.


New Match Page upcoming

Due to the numerous minor bugs to correct on this page, I’ve finally decided to update this page adding new colors and informations. What you see from the screenshot is still to improve (a...


What is TM Recorder

TmRecorder is an application that allow to record the history and the performances of your team and the players across the seasons. Made by a player like you, it’s already 5 years that is mantained and...


Tm Recorder new release (updated)

Just a small, but significant step ahead. The problem relative to the TM login in the TmRecorder browser, a problem that affected many user, has finally been solved. You can download the new version...


TmRecorder new release 2.9.1

A new release of TmRecorder is now available! Download here:  TmRecorder (16 Aug 2015, 23:58): download 4379K Some good news: The panel of the Player History has been improved. Now the skills are colored...


The Skills Optimization index (SOi)

 From the version 2.8, a new index is present in the TmRecorder interface, the so called Skill Optimization index. This index is an attempt to give an indication about how the skills are distributed respect...