FMP: A new Football Manager Project

Well, it’s not so new. It’s long time I’m working to this project. It inherits all the idea I’ve accumulated in ten years of playing with TM and HT.

The project name is Football Manager Project and the website is The development until here has been made all by myself, even if I will not dislike to have some support in the future, especially for the web graphics. The game is still 

As TmRecorder, the application that has been extremely useful to update my programming skills, FMP is totally free and free from ads now and it will be free for a long time (until I can maintain it with donations) and for sure it will never be a play for win. It has been designed to use as less resources as possible, to keep servers costs very low (for now the cost of the server is less than a coffee per day) and with some automatic cheating detections features to decrease at max the human work under the game. 

FMP is already at his first season, there are 22 nations and 26 championships already active, with 4 types of competitions included friendlies, all of them involving the totality of the teams, with several user from all the world. The website has been already translated in 12 languages and more and more will come.

Many users of the community are already chatting and sharing thoughts in a Discord chat, it’s a funny place where to start to make new friends in the game.

Take a look to this project if you like, and collaborate to its growth with ideas and suggestions, and maybe your skills in becoming a famous virtual trainer!

FMP Championship View

FMP Match view

FMP Team board

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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