TmRecorder is now public code

It’s been long time (10 years ago) I started to develop this application. Windows libraries are deeply changed in the while, so new technology are available to make this application to look better, work better and be available for more platforms (for example Linux and Mac). 

I’m quite busy with my job, with my family and with another project I’m developing (THE FOOTBALL MANAGER PROJECT – my free version freely inspired to TrophyManager – but with no purpose to compete with, that you can find at this address – the server is on my PC, so it’s typically available from 7AM to 1AM CET in the working days and 8AM to 1AM during the weekend).

This is why I have decided to publish the whole repository of TmRecorder. It’s quite a mess, I know it, some code is commented in English, some in Italian, some is just to be removed because it’s a part of something that doesn’t belong anymore to the application, and it’s about 200,000 lines of source code. 

Everybody is free to contribute, ask for details, clean it. I will contribute maintaining the application updated removing bugs and adding some functionalities now and then. 

The repository is available on Github at this address:

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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