TmRecorder 2.22(.4.2): Economics, Stats and Trading form renewed

It’s long time I want to add some feature and correct some issues in the stats dialogs. Today, taking advantage of the long time I have available because of the lockdown, I have corrected some graphs on the Team Graphical Stats and I have added a new one, comparing the Total value of the Team (derived from the “Selling To Agent” price of every player), its growth and the total wage of the players. What’s the purpose of this graph? Well, not much, but it’s nice to see it to understand how is growing and shrinking your team.

Team’s players total StA value History and Team Value and total wage growth

The same graph, more or less, has been added to the player’s Info dialog window, with the addition of the cumulated wage value, that is the sum of all wages that have been payed to the player.

Player StA value compared with the Cumulated Wage and Player wage compared with the Player’s StA value change

Please consider that all the value are calculated considering not the actual value of the wages or StA values but the one computed using the well known formulas available online. Moreover, for each player the wage is computed considering its seasonal SI starting value.

Moreover, other minor bugs have been removed.

Version 2.22.1: The Trading Form renewed

It’s lot of time that I intended to update the trading form. Well, maybe it’s just a feature of people like me, sick of statistics and numbers. But anyway, it this version, together with some minor changes, it has been updated.

The form is exactly like it was before, but it just works and you can import the full content of the team trading page ( using CTRL+A and CTRL+C, and then paste in the form using the “Paste Transfer History” button or simply pressing CTRL+V. You need to do it for each TM season.

You can also edit the single Player’s information, double clicking the name of the player.

Version 2.22.2/2.22.4: Inner script correction for Greek, Norsk and other languages

I hadn’t noticed, but the inner RatingR5 script was not updated for many languages, generating some errors during player page parsing. Now this error has been removed and the R5 script has been updated to Season 66, together with a customization I made to compute the Selling To Agent value for every week that the script itself records in the browser cache (for the entire script to import in your browser the link is here: RatingR5 Collection.

Thanks to Spiros and Dim for their debug activity.

Version A bug has been removed in the Team Stats page. Thanks to Volodymyr.

Version A bug has been removed in the Match import script. Thanks to Tony from Langevåg IL.

Version Added missing R5 column in the Shortlist form. Now the application is for multiple platforms (x86, x64, ARM?)

Version Removed bug about matches list visualization.

Installation instructions

To install the new release:

  1. Download and install the Edge libraries (you don’t need to install it if you already install this library with a TmRecorder version bigger than 2.21): MicrosoftEdgeWebview2Setup.exe
  2. Install the new release of TmRecorder.
    1. Download the exe file: TmRecorderSetup.
    2. If you use Edge or another browser prevents you to download the application, try to download the following zip file: Then unzip it and install the exe inside the zip.
  3. In both cases Windows may show you the Smartscreen as follow. In this case, if you don’t know what to do, please read the following link: TmRecorder: How to bypass the Smartscreen filter.
  4. Have fun!

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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2 Responses

  1. Spiros says:

    First of all I would like to thank you for this tool and your efforts all these years to provide the community of TM with this. I m experiencing a problem with the update of Players files and I need your help on this if it is possible. I constantly update the .new version but suddenly the systems stops recording the hidden skills of the players. Recently I install the previous version and I started from the beginning to overcome this problem but nothing happens. I would really appreciated if you have something to propose for this. I have windows 10 and chrome browser. It’s more annoying than crucial. Anyway

    Thanking you in advance.

    • Leonardo Daga says:

      Hello, please subscribe to the forum and open an issue. This way I can track better the issue and help other people like you if they have the same problem.

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