Bloom Calculator

Well, there is a very simple tool, used a lot even on non-Windows OSs. It allows to discover how the player will bloom, together with the ASI (the old name for Skill Index).

The calculator, renewed to the release 3.0 with the addition of the wage history, the Selling to Agent (aka Bank) value and the cumulated wage (the sum of all the wages), works on the following assumption:

  1. After 19 years, typically the TI value drop down. I don’t remember who told me this, but it’s what is implemented. We can discuss on it (see the forum) and change the behaviour;
  2. After the bloom, the TI drops linearly to 0 when the player is 29 years old;
  3. The explosion (blooming) TI is to be guessed by the user, as well as the post-blooming TI and the blooming TI itself. We can discuss on determining a rule to compute the TIs as function of the player reports.

There are two modality about how to use the Bloom Calculator:

  • For non bloomed players, add the actual SI (or ASI), the actual TI of the player, when you expect he blooms (you can guess it on the base of the scout reports), the blooming TI and the post blooming TI;
  • For blooming players, add the pre-blooming TI if the player is on his first year of blooming and the post-blooming TI;
  • For bloomed players, add only the actual SI;

Results explain themselves. In case you have any suggestion of good idea to implement, please write in the Bloom Calculator topic of the forum.

Note for TmRecorder users: the same calculator will be soon integrated in the Player History page inside TmRecorder.

Installation instructions

To install the new release:

  1. Install the new release of Bloom Calculator.
    1. Download the exe file: BloomCalculatorSetup.
    2. If you use Edge or another browser prevents you to download the application, try to download the following zip file: Then unzip it and install the exe inside the zip.
  2. In both cases Windows may show you the Smartscreen as follow. In this case, if you don’t know what to do, please read the following link: TmRecorder: How to bypass the Smartscreen filter.
  3. Have fun!

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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4 Responses

  1. Michael Westcombe says:

    Good Morning, Leonardo? Do you do Bloom Calculator for Macs, please? šŸ™‚

    • Leonardo Daga says:

      Sorry Michael, I’m not planning to do it and I’m moving my entire programming activity to the web (I’m creating a new TM-like game). Maybe I’ll move Bloom Calculator to a web calculator too, but this it won’t happen in short time.

  2. Spiros says:

    Dear Leonardo

    Nice to hear that a new TM-like game is under development. Please take in account all the deficiencies of TM in this endeavor. For me football manager games should have:
    1. A record of player performance exactly as TM
    2. Tactics should play a much more important role than that of TM (not the only one) on the final outcome of a match.
    3. Games should be played in real time and manager should have the option to make changes in real time (Preset of changes as the TM does, must be also incorporated in the cases where the manages will not be online)

    Let us know when this game is available

    • Leonardo Daga says:

      Dear Spiros, thank you for let me know your opinion about the game I’m developing (well, now the development is not ongoing because of a huge work peak in my job, but it will restart in January). Unfortunately, real-time interaction is not on the table, because matches cannot be computed in real-time. At least, this is how the game has been developed, if there will ever be a change from this point of view, it will come very late in the future.
      About the other two points, FMP will for sure implement them and I will do my best for this.

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