TmRecorder 2.20(.4.2): A new browser and Rating5 (in the browser) and (now) on the grids

  • The third 2.20 release (revision 2): Many features have been corrected, some of them regarding the Team Info (next it will be renamed Matches) page, on which in few days I will make a post to show how to exploit better its functionalities. Other important news:
    • Rating5 has been implemented and tested as a new rating function on internal grids and in the player info’s pages. You can select in the Option dialog (Ratings tab) which rating function to use in the application and in the browser.
    • An error in the main grids evaluation affected until now the evaluation of the players. It was due to an error in the interpretation of the internal arrays, that exchanged Resistance and Pace in the evaluation of the ratings.
    • Thanks to Volodymyr, 2 bug on the read of players has been removed in the revision 2 of the software;
    • Download here: TmRecorderSetup.
  • The second 2.20 release: Some bugs have been removed, and the browser code (still the CEF project, but not the latest release) has been downgraded to an older version to avoid hassles with one of its sub-processes requesting rights to do things that I don’t know well. Other important news:
    • Rating4 has been implemented and tested as a new rating function on internal grids and in the player info’s pages. You can select in the Option dialog (Ratings tab) which rating function to use in the application and in the browser. Rating5 will be available in a new release in a couple of weeks.
    • Minor bugs (as the ones signaled in the comments) have been removed.
    • Download here: TmRecorderSetup.

  • The first 2.20 release. Changes are described below.

Comments to first release:
Once installed, you will not see big changes, at least from the point of view of the functionalities.
Instead, it’s worth to say what are the changes in this version and why it took so much to create this new release:

  • The browser has been changed. Now the internal browser is based on the CefSharp project and can run also more recent javascripts like the one related to RatingR5. The cons is that the browser code is all in the setup package that is more than 70Mbytes (before was less than 5Mbytes). I’m trying to create an Update feature (still not working) that would diminish the requirements in term of download size when updating the application. This browser is faster and is able to run the Flash section of the match page (just click on the flash video and allow the execution), so you can see the match even inside the internal browser.
  • RatingR5 (and no rating) has been added to the options of the rating visible in the player page. In the Option (“Other” tab) you can specify what rating function you want to apply;
  • Some bugs have been corrected, but I don’t remember which.
  • The actual version is 32bit. Well, it doesn’t seems to affect much the behaviour of the application so far, so I decided not to publish the 64bit version to avoid to take care of two class of issues. Anyway, this version should run on all machines from Win7 to Win10, if not, let me know;
  • Despite to the big application setup, TmRecorder is now much less heavy when loaded. I had to sacrifice the load of match details for the past seasons (the action descriptions) that required a lot of memory (hundreds of RAM Mb). The action breakdown is still available, so not a big loss.
  • I’ve started to use this version just few days ago, so I didn’t notice big issues except that sometimes the browser hangs, but maybe it’s because my internet provider that really sucks… Just be patient and press once more on the button or the link to load the desired page.

Remember always that:
very likely Windows and Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will block the execution of the application with a dialog window as the one showed below.
In this case, just press “More Info” (“Ulteriori informazioni” in Italian, I don’t know in your language) and press on the button “Execute Anyway” and everything will go fine.

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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14 Responses

  1. Joao Goncalves says:

    Ok more info. The error that give to me is:

    Il valore della colonna “Crowd” nella rabella “Match” é DBNull

  2. Joao Goncalves says:

    Ok More info in the error…

    If I press Continue and then minimize and maximize he let me access to everything, thou if I go to other tab and come back to Trophy Browser give the error again.

  3. deng says:

    Hello dear author
    I am using your latest version TmRecorder 2.20 (.0.2), but I will get an error report from browser. My version is win10 1909, why is this?

  4. davide says:

    ciao, ho installato l’applicazione e fino a ieri funzionava tranquillamente, oggi invece cliccando su trophy browser per aggiornare la rosa mi da errore: Il valore della colonna ‘crowd’ della tabella ‘match’ è ‘DBnull. e mi fa uscire oppure continuare ma senza poter importare nulla

    • Leonardo Daga says:

      Prova la nuova versione. il problema dovrebbe essere risolto. Ti sarei grato se mi facessi sapere se lo è effettivamente. Grazie.

  5. Ng says:

    Hi. How to update the Team Statistic Squad age and ASI? Mine still show the statistic many years ago and never update.

  6. Rempart de la Vierge FC says:

    Hello Leonardo,
    Downloaded latest version on my mac via bootcamp (64bits mandatory) – everything’s fine in the the installer, but the application doesn’t load, nothing happens & no error message. Any idea what I could do? Thanks

    • Leonardo Daga says:

      Hello RdlV, I’m sorry because you can’t run TmR on Windows (via Bootcamp on Mac). If you have time, I can create a 64bit version to check if it works better. Let me know (write on the forum or write me directly on TM).

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