TmRecorder 2.17(.1.0): Focus side in the report

  • Tactics editor updated, adding missing tables; See the post Setting the weights for tactics for more details (now the link has been corrected, before it linked to the 0.0 release);
  • The first 2.17 release. Changes are described below.

Download here:

Just a small change, now the focus side selected by the two teams are reported in the match stats. This info can be used to understand better the strategy used by the opponent in the last match. This information is available in the match page, well hidden in the variables loaded with the team report.

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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  1. David (FC Devadata) says:

    Hi Leo. Tried to get the TM recorder setup but cannot open the zipped file. Alternative or help?

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