TmRecorder 2.16.(3.0): Lot of Changes (5th release)

  • 2.16(.0.4): The first 2.16 release. Changes are described below. 
  • 2.16(.2.2): Second release.  Some changes due to a different coding of the TM address names, and some little bugs removed. Very soon a new rating script will be added, just this morning I new about R4Rating from VFTomato and I want to add it soon.
  • 2.16(.2.3): Third release. Changes come quickly… Waiting for the implementation of R4Rating from VFTomato, at least I updated the browser to run the latest version. Moreover, some missing features due to the TM official site address change to https have been restored (thanks to FETA 1987 for advising me about the missing feature);
  • 2.16(.2.4): Fouth release. And Four… Following the comment of Banon, I found a mistake in the loading of rating functions. I hope it works better now;
  • 2.16(.3.0): Fifth release. Another interesting change. In the players Info page, I modified the X axis of some graph to show the age of the player instead of the Season/Week. In the Specs graph, now it’s possible to show the REC (with the selected rating function) instead of the Rating (and a bug, here, has been corrected), activable using an option check on the right top of the graphs;

Download here:

First of all, thanks to all the users that sent me reports about bugs. The changes on this new release are not so evident, but important:

  • The new setup: Many users had problems in installing and updating the release, due to the online verification of the release. Now the setup has been radically changed, allowing the user to indicate where to install the application. This allows to create different shortcuts, one for each team you control, following the procedure described here (Start TmRecorder for your extra team) that will be updated in the next hours; A warning from Windows may occurs, when installing or running for the first time. Just click on “More info” and then on “Run Anyway”. You can uninstall the previous version of TmRecorder without any problem (or if you are afraid, you can do a backup before) because all the data of your team are stored in the TmRecorder folder inside your Document folder (if you didn’t choose another place where to store the TmRecorder data).
    You can install TmRecorder also or on a removable disk (your USB drive) and run it in another PC if you like, just run the TmRecorder application and it will automatically ask you where is your TmRecorder database folder (obviously, you should put it on the removable disk too).
  • Gains replaced by Ratings: The huge and precise work of VF Tomato,

    The new Rating column (in this case, the R3), replacing the old version

    deserves more attention that I did in the past. So I removed the old gains system and I replaced it with the rating computed by the script that computes the R2 and R3 ratings, adding the Adaptability factor. Now you can find a Rating column

    The menu with the editors of the tactics and rating weights

    that has the name of the rating type adopted. Just in case, you can modify the weights from the panels or load a new weights set (5 are available).
    Ratings weights are now saved in a matrix form, so they can be manipulated easier, also thanks to the copy-paste feature that allows the editing using a spreadsheet application (Excel or Google Sheets). 
    Changing the weights will affect immediately the ratings number displayed in the main panel.
  • Tactics gains, updated: Not the weights but the way they can be changed and saved. More weights have been added to the editor, with reference to the numbers used to weight the Tactics adopted in the Lineup tool. A separate post will be dedicated in the future to explain how it works and how the functions are used.
  • SOi index updated: The skills optimisation index, an index that gives how the skills are effective for increasing the rating of your player in the main field position, has been updated and corrected. The higher is the value, the better the skills are optimised;
  • Faster startup: A faster check of the loaded files will speed up the loading of the internal database of TmRecorder.

Enjoy 🙂

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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8 Responses

  1. Saron says:

    Just amazing, thanks for the work 🙂

  2. Emrah says:

    When i am trying to install on Win 7 there is an error: “Your operating system is no supported”
    Can’t i use this version on Windows 7?

  3. Banon says:

    Rating function sets don’t load correctly.
    Even when you change then manually and reset the soft it goes back to to the default set, weird.

    • Leonardo Daga says:

      Thank you for letting me know about this problem. It should work better with version 4. In the next release, I’ll try to adjust something more to make it more intuitive.

  4. Fotis says:

    Hi! I never managed to install the previous edition. I hope this one will run smoothly. thx in advance 🙂

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