Start TmRecorder for your Extra Team

TmRecorder starts for your main team, and typically you need to start TmRecorder for your extra team from the menu (Tab Trophy Browser)->(TM Panel on the left)->Extra Team->Open TmRecorder Session for…


Well, there’s a shorter way to start a TmRecorder session for your Extra team. With the new setup (after 2.16), you can choose where to install TmRecorder, and it’s not anymore placed in a hidden Windows folder. 


Let’s say that you install TmRecorder in the folder as in the picture above. Right clicking on the TmRecorder (.exe) file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Insyde\TmRecorder\ folder, you can create a link to TmRecorder on your desktop. 

Create a link on your desktop. Right click, then select “Send To” (“Invia a” in Italian), then “Desktop (create Link)” (“Desktop (crea collegamento)” in Italian)

Once done, you have a shortcut on your desktop (you may have already one, if you asked so during the installation). Right click on the icon and edit the Destination (Destinazione in Italian) field adding the team ID of your extra team (leave a space after the quotes) and press Ok. You can also change the name of the shortcut selecting it and pressing F2 as I did for my extra team Atlantic Bull.


That’s all. Now you can access TmRecorder for your extra team using just the shortcut you created. Remember that extra team data will be saved automatically in C:/Users/<yourusername>/Documents/TmRecorder/Data/<ExtraTeamID>

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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  1. 22 August 2016

    […] In the manual pages of this website you can now find how to create a shorcut on your desktop for your extra team, avoinding the boring procedure to first access the main team and then open another TmRecorder session. See here. […]

  2. 8 April 2017

    […] create different shortcuts, one for each team you control, following the procedure described here (Start TmRecorder for your extra team) that will be updated in the next hours; A warning from Windows may occurs, when installing or […]

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