TmRecorder new release 2.14.2(.13): Fans statistics and Extra teams


  • 2.14.2(.13): More bugs related to the matches and fixture loading have been removed. The new version is at the following link:
  • 2.14.2(.9): A bug related to the reading of cash greater than 2,147,483,648 has been removed.  
  • 2.14.2(.7): Some new features have been added. Bugs removed:
    • LineUp tool works again;
    • Skill Growth graph is back to work.
    • Minor page import’s bugs;

The Extra features

It’s time to give more attentions to the Extra teams. In the new release, you don’t need anymore to change the extra team in the TmRecorder browser because now the browser detects if the session is correct and switches automatically to the right team, avoiding import errors.

In the manual pages of this website you can now find how to create a shorcut on your desktop for your extra team, avoinding the boring procedure to first access the main team and then open another TmRecorder session. See here.

From now on, you can also import the club page, mainly )for now) to import the supporters number, a critical value that is useful to plan the growth of your club. You can visualize the progress of your supporters number in the menu item Stats-Team Graphical Statistics, that now has been corrected and improved in some parts.

Thanks for their help in solving some release errors to:

  • Kostas Tsoukalochoritis;
  • Pieter Groeninckx;
  • Robson Machado;
  • Gabriele, Manager of Circo ~ III ~ Ratti (many thanks for his very generous support: 200 pro-days!);

Please send me an email to in case of any error. A screenshot is appreciated, together with some details about how it was generated, and some details about your PC (operating system, preferred browser).

P.S.: Keep the download if prompted, I don’t know why, Windows feels that what you are downloading is a dangerous file…


Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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