TmRecorder 2.14.1: The Tactics Page (and some bugs removed)


A new tab has been added to the TmRecorder main page. This tab shows how much the players are good for the given tactics.

The tactics on the left are relative to the defense tactics, the ones on the right are relative to the attacking tactics. Values are generated multiplying each skill value by the weight and summing all the products. The selected weights row  is the one relative to the player’s SP. SP stands for Selected Position, and is initially selected as one of the player’s Favored Positions (FP). You can also change the SP, just selecting the player’s row and right clicking with the mouse. If for a given tactics the player’s SP is not contained in any row, a default value for the weights (equal values for all weights) is assumed.

This is just a starting release, weights are still not optimized (compare what you can read in the GainSet editor, Tools->Edit Gain Set), more changes will occur in the next future with a more useful and meaningful version. 


The first column indicates the tactics, the second if the rule is for defending or attacking tactics. All the column contain the coefficient by which the skill (Strenght, Stamina, Pace etc..) is multiplied. The last column contains the positions valid for that rule. You can change the coefficients or the rules.

Gainset for the tactics has been generated using what is indicated in the TrophyManager manual. In case you want to collaborate in the optimization of the weights, please send an email to 

To download the new release, click at the following link: TmRecorderSetup. (Zip, 4271 Kb)

P.S.: Keep the download if prompted, I don’t know why, Windows feels that what you are downloading is a dangerous file…


Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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