TmRecorder 2.13.0(.3): Jumping between improvements


  • Release 0.2: A bug on the history loading has been corrected. Many thanks to Ho Yin Chan.
  • Release 0.3: A small visualization bug, for very high skill values, thanks to the collaboration of Tomaž Furlan

Many changes in the engine, some changes in the interface, especially in the Player Info page, now renewed with a more precise average rating, the average TI of the last weeks corrected, the potential with the weighted average of the votes and the TI in the Player page grid that now reports if the TI is increasing or decreasing. 

All these changes have a reason. The engine needs a renew and now I’m 70% of the steps that will bring TmRecorder to the release 3 of the application, the one with the final engine that will allow more functionalities and a better experience and a lighter and more maintainable code. After this, I expect to add only some minimal changes and some more facilities for the translation in more languages.

To download the new release, click on the following link: TmRecorderSetup. (Zip, 4269 Kb)

In the next subreleases of the code, I will try to solve all problems that have been signaled from the users in the last weeks. More details will follow 🙂

P.S.: Keep the download if prompted, I don’t know why, Windows feels that what you are downloading is a dangerous file…


Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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