The Actions Analysis is out! Update 2.10.3

The Actions analysis display, on the right side of the Match statisticsThe Actions analysis display, on the right side of the Match statistics

Update (3.0): Some minor bugs have been removed, and the Player Info page is now reachable by double click (again).

Update (2.1): Some more small bugs removed, still about the Player Info page and the MatchField form.

Update (2.0): The Action Analysis form has been updated, reporting also the total number of actions. 

Moreover, a Login Form has been added to try to work around the problem for the Windows XP users that cannot login from the browser (go to Windows XP: Login problems workaround). 

Update (1.1): A bug has been removed, affecting just some users, at the opening of the Player Info page. I hope that everything it’s ok about this page (or at least, that no users are blocked here). 

This is really a new feature for which I worked a lot and it’s on preparation for long time. The actions analysis is now available in the Match page, on the right side of the Match statistics. 

It displays the decomposition of all the actions of the match, side to side, showing you how your team and the opposite team behaved, how the actions are distributed, how many of them are converted in shots and then in goals. 

The link for the latest version is: (4301Kb)

For sure the splitting is still not perfect because the parsing is not complete (many penalty actions missing), but it’s already interesting to use this tools that cover more than 97% of the possible actions.

Moreover, now in the match stats you can compare also the attacking style and the mentality, useful to quick look which was the strategy adopted by your team and the opponent. 

If you are new about the latest change (version 2.10.x) please take a look to the page with the previous updates:

And now… enjoy. In the next future, the GK panel will be updated and aligned to one of the others players, but have some patience.

Please send any eventual bug to the address:, thank you!

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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