Alert! Win10 crashing Issue in TmRecorder browser (Updated – how to hide the KB3132372 update)

The error displayed by TmRecorder after the Microsoft Update KB3132372

The error displayed by TmRecorder after the Microsoft Update KB3132372

Recently (almost at the end of the year) Microsoft released an update for “vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player” (KB3132372). Windows10 automatically download and installs this update, then maybe you may find problem or crashes in navigating with the TmRecorder browser.

To be known that almost all the application around the world, based on the same WebBrowser control that TmRecorder is using are affected by the same problem and are not working anymore after this update ((KB3132372) Update for Adobe Flash Player W10 version 1511).

The only solution I found until now is to uninstall this update, and uninstall it again everytime Windows installs this update again, or to apply the Windows Update Show/Hide utility that you can download from the Microsoft webSite (the procedure to use it is at the end of this page).

To remove the KB3132372, you need to follow the listed procedure:

  • Go in the Settings page, select “Updates and Security”, select the first item on the left “Windows Update” and then click on the right panel “Advanced options”.


  • In the Advanced Options Panel, select “View your update history”


  • In the Update history panel, check if the update KB3132372 has been installed. If yes, select the item “Uninstall updates”


  • In the Installed Updates panel, search the “Security update for Microsoft Windows (KB3132372)” and uninstall it.



After this, TmRecorder should back to work correctly. 

To stop Windows to download this update, follow the procedure below (Only after uninstalling KB3132372!):

  • Download the Windows Update Show/Hide utility from the microsoft website (


  • Start the wushowhide.diagcab application. It’s a self extracting package, save a link to it, it could be useful for the future. Press Next. It could take a while to find all the updates still to be done in your PC


  • Press Hide Updates


  • The next window will show you the list of updates still to be done in your PC. Select ONLY the one containing the reference to the KB3132372 (you could have multiple updates to execute). Press Next.


  • Verify that the update to hide is shown in the Throubleshooting completion dialog. Then you can press close and the KB3132372 will not annoy you anymore, waiting for the next Microsoft security update that will fix the problem.



Let me know if you need some more advices to solve this problem. 

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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