TmRecorder new release 2.10.0 (.6)


The new panel that shows the lineups and the Match statistics

Update (.6): TrainingButtonAliveStill some adjustments. A bug in the age visualization has been solved on all pages (afaik) where the player’s age is visualized. Moreover, the training button in the browser is alive and reminds you when the training has not been downloaded;

Update (.4): Another minor bug removed, regarding the opening of the Player page from the Players Info tab rows. Moreover, now the R2Rating script is automatically executed also when browsing in the Player Window.

Update (.3): A bug has been removed, regarding the import (in the Player Info) of new players. Moreover, now the R2Rating script is automatically executed when browsing (for now only in the main browser) the players pages. Further, context menu have been fixed, you can now call the TM player page in the internal browser (or in the default browser you configured in Windows) directly from the Team A/Team B/GK players lists or even from the Players lists in the Match page.

Finally the 2.10 release is out. A big work has been made to improve the way the matches are displayed and stored, giving now new opportunities to analyze the data that will be available in the future versions. The link for the download of the latest version is here: (4263Kb)

Remember that Windows will probably prompt you as the application was a threat for your computer, just press to “More info” and go further with the installation.


Now the match list shows with different color the matches depending on the result of your team

In the match stats, two more information are available, together with the pitch conditions. The Rec (at least, the official one) and the Routine average. These two values are averaged on the number of minutes the player stays on the pitch. For example, if a player with REC 3 plays half of the match and then it’s replaced by a player with REC 4, they count as a player with REC 3.5. Some more details are now available on the match description, with the substitution and the minute of its occurrence reported on the side of the player’s name. 

Once you load the new version of the program, you can see that the REC information and the Routine information are empty or they have a bad value. In this case, select the menu item “Reload Fixture and Matches” and all the matches and fixtures of your team will be reloaded, taking the saved pages in the TmRecorder\Data\ImportedPages of your Document folder.

Reply “OK” to the first MessageBox that invites to use this option only if you are recovering old data (it should be ok for you in this case) and then select your ImportedPages folder. The operation will take a while, and after the load the application will freeze for few seconds because it is reconstructing the DB.

In general, the graphics has been improved a lot, adding a new set of columns that will be useful in the future for other parts of the application. A minor bug, regarding the players decimal variations has been solved. 

In case of any problem, just send an email to

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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