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Support TmRecorder! Be one of the teams that show theirs support on the start window of TmRecorder. Donate few PRO days or few bucks using Paypal to show your gratitude to the developer Atletico Granata for all the time he spent on TmRecorder!

Donate PRO days

I play TrophyManager as you all, so I appreciate a small PRO days donation (link here) to enjoy more the game as you enjoy it more using TmRecorder. I remember you that the authors of TrophyManager keep the 10% (+1 day) of the donation, so the donation with Paypal is to prefer in the case you feel very generous and you are planning to donate more than 15 days (that correspond, more or less, to 1.5€).

Donate with Paypal

[en] Donate here:
Paypal Donate
 English : Obviously, I thanks all the people that want to contribute to this project, but for many reasons I have to specify that:
– All the donations are a free contribute of the users;
– 3.5% plus 0.35€ goes to Paypal. Anyway, less than the 10% that goes to the authors of TrophyManager if you donate PRO days.
[it] Fai la tua donazione qui:
Dona con Paypal

 Italiano: Ovviamente, ringrazio tutte le persone che vogliono contribuire a questo progetto, ma per molte ragioni devo specificare che:

– Tutte le donazioni sono un libero contributo degli utenti;
– il 3.5% più 0.35€ vanno a Paypal. In ogni caso, meglio questo che il 10% che va agli autori di TrophyManager se doni giorni PRO.

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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