Solution: Login doesn’t work, how to solve

As already indicated in the previous edition of this news, the Failed Login problem was related to the version of Internet Explorer that by default is emulated in the internal browser of TmRecorder. Many users complained they cannot login in TM using the TmBrowser, making so impossible to download the squad and the data.

The previous advise was to change the way Internet Explorer reads the TM website. For some unknown reasons, for some users IE switched automatically to IE7 compatibility mode, that doesn’t allow to login in TM because with that version the login script doesn’t work.

Finally, the latest version of the TmRecorder software (2.9.3) removed the problem, allowing the user to select the a compatibility mode that is available for the OS that is mounted on his PC. By default, in the new release of the sw the selected browser is IE8, but you can also switch to the lighter Microsoft Edge if you are running Windows 10.

You can switch the browser version in the Options panel (menu Tools–>Options):

The Browser selection dropdown list, now available on TmRecorder

The Browser selection dropdown list, now available on TmRecorder

The browser changes only after the restart of TmRecorder.


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Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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