Tm Recorder new release 2.9.2

Nothing so new, guys, just the German language added for the interpretation of the scout reviews and some little updates on the interface (the yellow/orange evidencing of the skill to highlight the more relevant is slightly changed). Download here the latest release:  TmRecorder (02 Set 2015, 02:17): download 4173K For the users from Germany, check that the language file is in the Report Analysis file list and that the file is selected, as in the following picture. TmRecorder-GermanReportAnalysis In case you can’t find the file, unistall the actual version and all the previous versions of TmRecorder and install once again the new one. Saved data are not touched, but to be sure, you can make a backup of your data. All the data are stored in the TmRecorder folder of your Documents folder – just make a zip of it and move the zip file in a safer place.    

Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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