The Structures economy panel

From the release, TmRecorder includes the Structures Economy dialog (menu Tools–>Structures Economy).

How to use it? Well, the panel on the right is to fill with the values relative to your team, the number of supporters, the attendance (to be calculated as average), the stadium size and all the structures level.

Once you select the correct values in the left panel, you can read in the two graphs if and how it’s worthy to expand one of the structures.
The first graph will tell you how the incomes will increase with the structure level. Weel, maybe it’s not so practical but it gives an outlook of the expanding structure business.
The second graph will tell you if and how you gain increasing the level of a structure.

The green line represent the building costs while the yellow line represents the incomes increment in a season increasing the level. Higher is the percentage represented above the green line, shorter is the time you return from the investment of the structure level increase. For example, 50% says that you need two seasons to get back the money you invested to increase the level, while 25% says that you will instead need 4 seasons. 

The panel saves the last value added.


  • Stad: Stadium
  • MStr: Merchandising Store
  • MStd: Merchandising Stand
  • Saus: Sausage Stand
  • Rest: Restaurants
  • FastFd: Fast Food
  • Park: Parking or Toilets


Leonardo Daga

Author of TmRecorder, since 2010

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