TmRecorder Translations

The translation

From this page, you can access and contribute to the translation of TmRecorder in your language. Contact me and contribute following the easy rules below:
  1. Each Item to translate is composed by a data name (that MUST NOT be changed) and a value, to be translated in your language. It is formatted as follows:
      <data name="DarkGreenArrows">
        <value>Dark Green Arrows = </value>
    You have to change only the value contained in the <value> and </value> delimiters. Do not change ANY other part of the text.
  2. Hold the format of the value strings (linefeed, commas, dots) to avoid a waste of work for me
  3. Ask me in the Translators FAQ if you have some doubts;
  4. The set of items to translate is, at this moment, just a subset of all the strings in the application. It will be updated as soon as the translation go on.
  5. Use ONLY an editor application like notepad, wordpad (or any other recent editor, but ask me before using!), that is able to read OEM chars. The first item of the text to traslate should appear like that (don't be afraid, it's only a test string): 
      <data name="TestString">
    if different the editor you are using cannot be used.
  6. Don't care of part of text that you never seen inside TmRecorder, maybe are part of the program that will be removed in the future and then unuseful.
  7. Try to find a string to substitute that is almost long as the one that you are translating, because there are many place in the program that has not much space to contains a longer string. 

How to cooperate

To cooperate, you must have a google account (a google email) to acceed this site as collaborator and then ask for an invitation to freely access to the comments and change part of this site. Then, get a google account if you still haven't it, send me an email (to and then start the translation work

And now?

Go in the subpage of your language or ask for your language if it's not in the set;