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TmRecorder 1.24.0

posted 26 Apr 2011, 17:06 by Leonardo Daga   [ updated 17 Jun 2011, 11:16 ]
Release Notes:
Thanks to Ricadee data, I removed a stupid bug that hides the window when TmRecorder is closed when minimized.
Moreover, you should see some changes on the Team Info, discover it :-)

Release Notes:
Thanks to C.F.Mascalzone error log maybe I defeated the training error. Try this new release if you have problems in displaying the training of your players.

Release Notes:
Some little changes, just to correct some annoying bugs. Please remember to indicate the name of your team when you send a log error, this to allow me to contact you by PM to ask more info.

Release Notes:
Et voilà, a new release is coming. 
The main news is the new import panel, plus other minor changes

Only for who likes dare, here is the debug release. As the program ask you, please backup your files before completing the installation. In this release, a big change on the data format (and file naming) is came, so some error are possible.
Please, send me any report you want (please, provide also your team name so that I can contact you) about any error occurs, even using email:
This is the first step of a series of major changes, I hope you will like it.