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Report Analysis File

The report analysis file actually exists only in Italian and in English. If you have made this file in your language and you want to share it, please send me it to my email address:

How to create the Report Analysis in your language

First of all, you have to understand how the Report Analysis works. It use the sentences in the list of each tab (Ability, Blooming, etc) searching in the report of the scout each sentence in the review column of the list. In the image that follows, an example of the professionalism case is considered.
This way, if the scout report contains the term "no special professionalism" the player's professionalism (assigned by this scout) vote is considered as 5. If another scout analyze the same player and his report contains the "demonstrates good professionalism" sentence, he defines his professionalism as 7. The final value assigned to the player's professionalism is a mean of the votes of the scouts about professionalism weighted by the psychology skill of each scout.
What you have to do is to fill the list with the corresponding sentences translated in your language. These sentences must not contains the name of the player or the one of the scout and are common to all players, unique for each vote.
You can get these sentences from the reports of your scout, about your players or others players, or you can ask in your national forum for an user that had a report containing a sentence corresponding to the ones already listed in english (english report analysis file).
Do not translate yourself the sentences, the one that you have to insert are the ones that Trophy Manager uses in the scout reports, that may be really different respect to the direct translation of the english sentences.

How to share the Report Analysis files

Simply send it to me at this address: and I'll add to this website (with the relative acknoledgments) and in the application setup (and the relative ack in the option form).

Thank for your cooperation!