Porting TmRecorder on a Usb Key or on a different disk

posted 22 Dec 2009, 17:13 by Leonardo Daga   [ updated 5 Jan 2010, 08:42 ]
Consider these things:
  1. All the settings of TmRecorder are in the Application Data folder c:/documents and settings/<user>/Application Data/TmRecorder (in Windows XP) or in c:/Users/<user>/Application Data/TmRecorder (in Windows Vista). From the release 1.18, this folder is ALWAYS created when the application is installed by setup. 
  2. The program files are in c:/program files/insyde/tmrecorder/
  3. The data file are normally stored in your documents, in a folder that you select the first time you install tmrecorder. It's the same folder indicated in the "Options" form.
  4. The main, important file is TmRecorderSettings.tmcnf. It's a text configuration file, changing the paths in this file, you can do almost all that you want about the location of the files. You can modify it such that each path is contained in your usb key. When TmRecorder starts, it looks always for this file, first in the Application Data folder and then in the same folder where the application has been installed. 
  5. The release, that is coming out in the very next days, will allow to load squad and more from HTML instead of the browser.

If you want to port TmRecorder COMPLETELY on a different location, do these steps:
  1. Download the release http://tmrecorder.insyde.it/tmrecorder/team-announcements/tmrecorder11900/TMRecorderSetup.
    if you have a release prior to
  2. Suppose you want to put the entire TmRecorder installation in the folder d:/TmRecorder/John
  3. Install where you want TmRecorder. After, copy all the content of the folder in which you installed in the folder  d:/TmRecorder/John
  4. If you have already TmRecorder files in another folder (for example your team history data), copy the entire folder in a subdirectory of d:/TmRecorder/John, i.e.: d:/TmRecorder/John/SquadData
  5. Using the Explorer, go in the folder c:/documents and settings/<user>/Application Data/TmRecorder (in Windows XP) or in c:/Users/<user>/Application Data/TmRecorder (in Windows Vista) and MOVE the entire folder under the d:/TmRecorder/John/ path, for example d:/TmRecorder/John/AppData. Do not leave anything in the source folder from where you copy. Move the file TmRecorderSettings.tmcnf in the same folder where you put TmRecorder.exe for example d:/TmRecorder/John
  6. Open the file TmRecorderSettings.tmcnf for example using Notepad. Change the paths of the following items:
    • NationListFile (it should point to the nation list file inside d:/TmRecorder/John/AppData)
    • ApplicationFolder (it should be d:/TmRecorder/John)
    • ReportAnalysisFile (it should point to the report analysis file inside d:/TmRecorder/John/AppData)
    • DefaultDirectory (it should be d:/TmRecorder/John/SquadData)
    • GainSet (it should point to the gain file inside d:/TmRecorder/John/AppData)
  7. Start TmRecorder and all the things should be fine ;-)
  8. If you like, make a shortcut to the installed program right-clicking on TmRecorder.exe and selecting "Create a shortcut on the desktop"
  9. WARNING: When you install another release of TmRecorder, remember ALWAYS to delete the folder c:/documents and settings/<user>/Application Data/TmRecorder (in Windows XP) or in c:/Users/<user>/Application Data/TmRecorder (in Windows Vista), that is always the first in which the application looks for the TmRecorderSettings.tmcnf file
Leonardo Daga,
22 Dec 2009, 17:19