How the skill is computed in TmRecorder

posted 14 Feb 2010, 09:14 by Leonardo Daga   [ updated 12 Jul 2010, 15:47 ]
I've been inspired by RUS Cheratte. His idea was to consider separately two contributes: the Player Skill Gain and the Player Specialization Gain (names chosen by me).
To obtain the ability of a player in playing in a determined rule, multiply each skill by the Player Skill Gain for the given Favourite Position and sum all the values. Finally divide by 10 and then apply the specialization gain (1 if it's a DC for the DC skills, 0.9 for the DMC skills etc) as reported in the Player Specialization Gain table.
Finally, apply the increment due to the Routine (multiply by 1+0.00405*Routine, by default) and that's all.
The same rules are applied for the GKs.

See in the attachments a sample of table (in Excel Format) that has been made by Nygaard and me, and has the characteristics to be normalized, i.e. it can't generate, if you apply only the first two gains, a value greater than 100.

Google Spreadsheet