1 - First steps

When you first start the program, the first thing that opens is the option window:

What the program asks you is to enter a name for the Data folder that corresponds with a directory available on your PC. It's  important to choose a folder on the desktop or in your documents, because these are areas where TmRecorder can write without encountering restrictions and access privileges.

After, select the language you want to use in the Language drop-down menu. You must also select the country to which belong your team and your players.

In Match Types, please enter the string "L,C,F,FL,CC" according to the instructions, to tell the program what type of games your team plays (eg, L = League). Change this string accordingly, as they are defined in the top of the list of your match list (this page) in case your language is not english.

After completing this, press enter to start the program and then go to Primo Caricamento Dati.You will modify after the other settings of the program, when you take confidence with the TmRecorder environment.