2 - First Data Load

When you first start the program, TmRecorder looks like this:


In the event that the tab name is not in your language, go to Options (menu Tools-> Options) and change the language settings. You will need to restart the program because the new settings to take effect.

Now you can load the information about your team.

Probably, if this is the first time you use TmRecorder and you do not use Internet Explorer, you will have an initial problem. Indeed TmRecorder use Internet Explorer as your browser and if you do not have IE you will be not logged on. Do now the test  pressing the button SquadA (as shown in figure below) contained in the navigation bar and the team page will start loading.

In the case where the page of the team is not loaded and there is written something like "you are not logged in", you may not have logged in with Internet Explorer (TmRecorder use IE as your browser). In that case, go to the button File-->Goto Main TrophyManager page as shown below:

and proceed to login as you always do when you log in Trophy Manager.

If you are already logged in or you normally use IE, clic on the tab Trophy Browser to access the window, and press the squadA button contained in the navigation bar to load the start page of the team. 


Pressing the Import button on the right (it's recommended but not mandatory to wait always for the Load Progress bar has reached the 100%) the team data are loaded in the program TmRecorder:


After this, go to the B team with the button SquadB of the TrophyBrowser tab (if you're PRO) and repeat the operation, you will also import the data of the team B.

All players are automatically loaded in the A-Team Players tab. You can move the ones belonging to the B-Team (whether placed in TmRecorder team A or B) selecting one or more players on the list of the board and pressing the right button menu item Move To B Team Player.