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TmRecorder FAQ - English

  • To be updated, this is an old version, but maybe there is an answer for you.
    1. How to install TM Rec?
      Unzip all files in a directory. Then run the Setup.exe file to install the application.
    2. How to startup TM Recorder?
      To Startup application, select the gain file to use, then select the directory in which you want to store the data of your team.
    3. How to save the team data, such that it can be loaded into TM Rec?
      Select the page as the one to save. Then, from the menu item "Save As..." select the type HTML (not MHT), then select a directory where to store the HTML file and then press the SAVE button.
    4. How to load my  team files into TM Rec?
      To load your actual team in TM Recorder, save the html team page in any directory. Then, in the application TM Recorder  select the menu item File-->Load Team File from HTML and then select the file to load.
    5. Do I need to save the HTML pages somewhere? Do I need to not overwrite the previous HTML files?
      Once loaded into TM Recorder, you don't need anymore the HTML file, because your squad data will be stored in a XML file into the directory that you will select in the Options dialog box, available from the menu item Tools-->Options..
    6. Where my team data will be stored?
      After interpreted from squad HTML page, the data will be stored automatically in XML files to improve load efficiency. XML files will be stored in the directory that is defined in the Options dialog accessible from the Tools->Options menu item. To change the directory where your team files will be stored, simply change that directory name.
    7. How to Paste player data into the Player Form?
      Go to the player page and select all the scout report as indicated in the image that follows:

      then click with the right button on the text and the press the Copy item.
      Then, go in the player page and press the Paste Scout Data button. Your data will be parsed to fill ALL the Player Info fields. Press the Confirm button to confirm the data added.

    8. What is PSP?
      PSP stands for "Perspective". It's equivalent to the Perf column of the RUS Cheratte tool, is an indicator that tells how much, considering the best specialty value and the age, the best speciality can grow. 
      For example: if the best specialty (the specialty with higher value) is MC and the value is x, PSP indicates the value that this player may reach in MC continuing the same development.
      The formula is very easy (the same applied from RUS Cheratte):
      PSP = MC_now * (1 + (30 - actualAge)/actualAge)
      The greater this value is, the best your player should develop.
      This value is actually not much realistic, but I hope to develop a better indicator in the future, using the specialty history.

    9. How to Load Squad Data from Clipboard?
      Instead of getting data from the squad.htm file, you can take your team data performing the following operations:

      1. From the Internet Explorer menu, select the View-->HTML menu item; If you are using FireFox, select the View-->Page Source menu item;

      2. Copy all the content of the file that opens;

      3. Paste into Team Recorder using the Load Team from Clipboard.

    10. How the value of a player is computed in TM Recorder?
      As a mathematician, I'll try to explain the question in mathematical terms:
      - given SKi the i-th element of the skill vector;
      - given Kij as the skill gain matrix, where j is the j-th Position and i the i-th skill
      - given Akj as the speciality gain matrix, where j is the j-th Position and k is the FP (preferred position)

      The value that the player (if this player have not a in a given position is):
      Vj = K1j*SK1 + K2j*SK2 + ... + Knj*SKn;

      For example, a given player in the DC psoition has the following value (j=1):
      V1 = K11*SK1 + K21*SK2 + ... + Kn1*SKn;

      Depending on the FP of the player, the value is furtherly modified as follows (if a player is a MC, for example, k = 7):
      V1 = A71 * V1; for DC position
      V2 = A71 * V2; for DR position
      Vn = A71 * Vn; for last (FC) position

      You can edit the matrices used by your program from the Tools-->Edit Gain Set menu of the TM Recorder application.  

    11. How the value normalization option works? (Thanks to Casper Nygaard of Team Caz)
      If a player has all skill at the max value (20), the result is:
      V1 = (K11 + K21 + ... + Kn1)*20;

      Then, the max value V that a player can reach is proportional to the sum of the K gain for each row.
      The idea is to scale the row gains so that the sum of the rows elements of K is the same for each row.
      Actually, the implemented code scales the row gains such that the sum of each row is equal to the maximum sum value in the matrix rows.

      To activate scaling, you can set the Normalize option in the Tools-->Options form. Or, more practically, you can edit the gain matrix to set the K gains such that the sum of the rows is the same for each position.

      If you plan to modify the Akj, to left the value of all players normalized, it's better to keep the Akj identical (and maximum) when k=j, the max value reached from each player in its preferred position should be the same. 

    12. The average rating of the scouts didn't change when I input their values and pressed the button to recalculate the values
      Check that the name you typed in the scout name in the option page is EXACTLY the same as the one that appears in the player info of the player form.

    13. Even though I changed the default country to USA, the application still says that my American guys are Italian
      The country of the player will be corrected  next time you load a squad.htm page

    14. How to add notes for players?
      To add data to the notes, you have to go to the player page, in the "Player info" section in the left bottom corner. Then, you have to press the "Change" button and then you can edit the Notes. When edit is complete, you can press the "Confirm" button to store the modified notes.

    15. How to fill info about players like wage and average ratings?
      Players data can be filled downloading the "HTML only" version of the player page (and the scout page) in a directory and using the menu item "Tools->Import Private Players Data" to import the info of all players for wihich you downloaded the pages in the same directory. This function scans all html files contained in the directory searching for player's data, so I suggest to:
      1) Save the "HTML only" version of the player page (and the scout page) in a separate directory respect to the one where you normally download other HTML files.
      2) Give to that page a name that remembers the player name or number, and overwrite it every time you save the html page for this player, because the function don't recognize if the page is a newer version or an older version of the page of the same player. For example, give a name like MikeOilfield.htm to the player page and MikeOilfield.scout.htm for the player's scout report page if the name of the player is Mike Oilfield. I remember you that scout page is not necessary because scout data can be pasted directly as in the point 7.

    16. How to update the age, the TI history, the name of each single player?
      You can update the ages of the players doing the following operations:
      1) Go inside the profile of the player in TM;
      2) From the menu of Internet Explorer or from the menu of Firefox select View->HTML (or View->Page Source)
      3) Copy the content of the page that displays
      4) In TmRecorder, double click on the row of the player to open the Player History form, then paste what you've copied (click on the Paste HTML button)
      You'll see that the player's info will be updated (wage, age, TI history, Name)